Friday 1st July 2011 - Married for 2884 days

Our Wedding

image We're getting married. Hurray!

But we suppose you knew that already.

We're really really excited to be marrying each other (I know, we're quite surprised about that too!) and also about sharing it with all of our friends.

This is just a helpful little website to keep you updated with everything that's going on and help keep us sane until the big day arrives.

Pages to follow include information about lift sharing, wedding party profiles, a photo gallery and details of the guest list.

Scroll down and sign up for updates at the bottom of the Wedding Blog page to see this information as it appears and share your comments with us.

Jayne and Matt's Wedding Website

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The Wedding

Find out how Matt and Jayne met, and what will happen on the big day.

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You can now book overnight accommodation and check out the local transport and travel details.

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Help us re-live the wedding day by uploading your photos to our shared photo album and inspire us by writing in our guestbook.

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