Friday 1st July 2011 - Married for 2885 days


This is our online wedding guestbook. Please feel free to write messages of encouragement here. We're quite excited at the moment but as the big day approaches we might need some help!

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Disco - 27 June 2011
Four days to go. Wow it's gone fast. It's been great fun reading the blog. Well done to both you for keeping us all informed. See you Friday.

sinbad - 18 June 2011
I have been reading with glee, the whole of your web site but had one question? what is the national fruit of puru?

The Invisible Hen - 7 June 2011
To starring Hen an all featured cast, still reeling from the devastation of not making it to the 'do' of the year, pics look great and can't wait to see you all at the wedding where I should be able to wear heels again instead of the trainers I am relegated to at the moment!! Love the Bulgarian Freedom bringer xx

bea - 19 April 2011
incapable of planning outfit without a theme. is there one?? x from camp wardell

Marianne - 12 January 2011
I must pay more attention when reading the blog; I'm not sure what facial hair Matt Should have for the big day, but Jayne, you should DEFINITELY go with none. P.S. I've been petitioning for years for Matt de Ville, it sounds like a Bond villan.

Nick - 5 January 2011
We were a bit guttted in the pub the other day that you had pre-empted Matt De-Ville. It doesn't seem to accept my vote for chocolate cake and Mrs J Keeler, maybe get the tech guys to have a look at that...

Blonde Chief Evans - 20 October 2010
Soooo looking forward to my house being a hive of activity for the planning of the nuptials! I will make low fat cake and supply loads of sparkly alcoholic substances!

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