Friday 1st July 2011 - Married for 2885 days

About Us


JayneJayne currently works as a PA in Future Media & Technology at the BBC (that's how she knew about wedsites!) and singing in tribute act Abba Illusion: A consummate drama queen, Jayne has spent most of her life either performing or organising (or both). Planning her own wedding is pretty much the best thing that could ever have happened to her. Expect attention to detail, theatrical touches and a slight case of histrionics if anything doesn't go to plan.


MattAfter realising that his dreams of becoming a rock star would not come to fruition, and that he didn't want a real job, Matt decided to go to university and now works in accounts. Along the way he worked in many pubs. In one of these pubs he met Jayne. Matt's free time is largely spent listening to loud guitar based rock music and apologising to people for being drunk the last time he saw them. Matt is still not sure what he wants to do when he grows up.

How we met...

Jayne and Matt met in 1998 when they both worked in the Philatelist & Firkin. It was love at first sight, it just took them 8 years to figure it out....

The proposal...

On their 4th anniversary Jayne and Matt decided to take a romantic break to Edinburgh to relax, take in the sights and watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon!

Jayne knew something was up but was convinced the big day would be Sunday as Matt had insisted that would be the day they went out for a romantic meal.

On Saturday it was an early start up to the castle. A guided tour ensued followed by a long wait to see the Scottish Crown Jewels. During the queuing process Jayne started feeling around in Matt's back pocket. "What's that big lump?" she enquired. "Err, nothing!" spluttered Matt, and instantly she knew she had stumbled upon his secret! Playing it cool she decided to leave it until Sunday.....

Later on Saturday evening Matt and Jayne left Hotel Missoni to have dinner before going on an eerie walking tour of the city that they had booked earlier that day. Unfortunately the nice restaurant down the road was fully booked so they tried a lesser eatery in the Grassmarket. This was to prove a huge mistake as they had to wait 20 minutes for their bottle of wine to even appear on the bar and then endure first the indifference and then the outright rudeness of the staff. They decided to walk out and find a snack before the tour started as they did not now have time for a full meal. This made Jayne particularly mad as she does not like it when a plan does not come together.

The tour was a disappointing one with only the small upside of a free glass of wine at the end. Grumpily the pair returned to the hotel. Here they found that their toilet (which had broken earlier in the day) had not yet been fixed. They took their places in the bar and waited for news from the manager. A few minutes later: "I'm terribly sorry", he said "we won't be able to fix it tonight so we'd like to upgrade you to a suite if that would be ok with you?".

The pair took a nanosecond to consider this kind offer, downed the rest of the champagne and went to pack up their things.

Upon arrival in the suite there were many squeals of delight, "a dining table! 2 bathrooms! 2 Bang & Olufsen televisions! An Austin Powers style round sofa separated from the bedroom by a fringed curtain and a pink perspex screen!" What more could they have wished for?! After the disappointing day they'd had life seemed suddenly almost perfect for Matt and Jayne as they looked out across the Royal Mile. Matt had a plan however, to make the evening a little more perfect. He got down on one knee beside the amazing sofa and asked Jayne to marry him. Jayne jumped for joy and said "Of course I will!" and so it was that they became engaged.

Following this joyous event there was only one thing left to do. Eat.

So they celebrated their engagement with 2 big juicy cheeseburgers from room service and all was well with the world once again.